EUROTecniche’s transparent cold enamels represents the ideal product for decoration of different sizes and shapes objiects. All the bicomponent enamels by EUROTecniche are obtained mixing high quality epoxy resins and proper catalysts. All the EUROTecniche’s enamels are heavy metals free and comply with the norm.

The enamels kit EUROTecniche is a quick and simple decorating system to exploit the best from the “cold enamels” by Eurotecniche. The ready to use kit includes an oven specially made for this treatment able to generate homogeneous heat and a rapid and uniform drying of the workpiece. The dispenser with one or more positions is the ideal device to apply the enamel in a precise way, thanks to its compressed air technology. The kit further is composed by an initial supply of enamels, catalysts, transfer foils, needles and syringes.

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